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RE: CO2 Setup

Giancarlo wrote:

>I have seen a couple of regulators with solenoid, needle valve and some >with bubble counter on eBay for about $90-100. Here are the two types I >have found:


I am switching over to a compressed CO2 system as well, and have bought the same Milwaukee regulator with the bubble counter attached that you are showing. I found the same Kare's glass atomizer shown on the JBJ auction for $24.00 at MarineDepot.com, and should receive both very soon. I'm very anxiuos to get started, and I'm alway am looking for some good advice.

I also use the DIY CO2, as I figure it was better than nothing. But I have been finding it a hassle as of late to keep things balanced. It doesnt even register CO2 concentration on a test, and I'm wanting a better set up. I have started to get powder algae on the glass. I actually use it for a water change signal when I see the first tiny amount on the glass. So that stuff I can live with graciously, and it's easy enough to deal with. But now Im 
getting the BBA, and it is driving me crazy. I do not want to chance any plant loss to peroxide, especially with my large sword, as it has given me 4 shoots with new plants, and they seem to love the setup. Also, the Anacharis grows so fast I swear you could see it grow if you stared at it long enough(Exagerating of course, but you get the point). 

Okay, on with the questions.

Has anyone used the two gauge Milwaukee regulator? And if so how do you like them so far? Also, has anyone used the Kare's unit, and is the glass type atomizer a good disperal for the CO2? And is the CO2 safe air line actually worth the money? 

Just for FYI:

 55 Gallon Acrylic
 2 - Magnum 350 Canisters 
 1 - Bio Wheel 60 (Split in half, using one wheel per canister seperately)
 2 - 40w Zoo Med T-8's
 Gravel/Flourite mix substrate
 Full Seachem suppliment line
 Hard water w/6.8 - 7.0 p.h.

 6 - Neon Tetra
 6 - Zebra Danio
 6 - Harliquin Rasbora
 4 - Serpae Tetra
 6 - Julii Cory Cat
 1 - Golden Algae Eater (This fish is great, I want more)

 6 - Micro Sword (slowly spreading out)
 2 - Wisteria
 8 - Bocapa
 5 - Radican Sword (4 plants from original sword)
 1 - Ruffle Sword
 7 - Sunset Hygo
 7 - Indian Water Star
 7 - Red Lugwigia
?? - Anacharis (I have lost count of the cuttings and plants)


 Tony C.
Saugus, Ma


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