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Re: Mega dosing

I asked Tom a followup and he replied:

> > Then, right after the water change, no more KNO3 or
> KH2PO4
> > is added, since the levels will be about 10ppm and 1ppm
> > respectively?  But K2SO4 and traces are added right
> after
> > the water change and then a maintenance dose of
> whatever's
> > needed during the week, yes?

> No, I add the normal routine back, but I do tend to do a
> larger than 50%
> water change also when I do this.

So, the PO4 is probably higher than 1 ppm after the water
change/dosing and the NO3 higher than 10 ppm.  I assume you
add the KNO3 a about a day after the water change --
letting KNO3 levels drop for about a day .  So these tanks
are generally running higher than 1 ppm PO4 and 10 ppm NO3
(which are the relatively meager targets I have been aiming

I'm wondering if some of the green thumb folks can push
parameters farther, yet successfully, than some of us with
paler thumbs.  Of course, it's easy to chalk up others'
success to mystical things like green thumbs rather than
just plain good practical methods.  Maybe the green thumbs
tend to have lots more very healthy plant mass in a given
volume of water and those tanks can handle variations in
levels or increased levels better.

Well, my water change day is Friday, so after the NEC
convention at the end of the month, I think I need to start
trying this technique -- it's just too interesting not to

Scott H.

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