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Re:mega dosing

> So, the PO4 is probably higher than 1 ppm after the water
> change/dosing and the NO3 higher than 10 ppm.  I assume you
> add the KNO3 a about a day after the water change --
> letting KNO3 levels drop for about a day .  So these tanks
> are generally running higher than 1 ppm PO4 and 10 ppm NO3
> (which are the relatively meager targets I have been aiming
> at)?

No, not really. The higher levels drop down pretty quickly after a large
water change. Faster than I'd thought. Much of the detrital matter, algae
and filter bacteria is often removed after a large water change. This is a
source of NH4/NO3/PO4 etc.

By removing the organic elements, this may increase the uptake of the
> I'm wondering if some of the green thumb folks can push
> parameters farther, yet successfully, than some of us with
> paler thumbs.

I would not recommend it just yet. I know how to deal with algae and other
issues and don't mind to do so. If folks do it, they should do it for only
less than a day's worth. And they should make sure they have a good balanced
tank to begin with.

  Of course, it's easy to chalk up others'
> success to mystical things like green thumbs rather than
> just plain good practical methods.  Maybe the green thumbs
> tend to have lots more very healthy plant mass in a given
> volume of water and those tanks can handle variations in
> levels or increased levels better.

Perhaps. I'm not much on mystical for plant growth. It's a cop out.
> Well, my water change day is Friday, so after the NEC
> convention at the end of the month, I think I need to start
> trying this technique -- it's just too interesting not to
> try.
> Thanks,
> Scott H.

Just don't wait another day to get around to water changing etc.
Tom Barr