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Re: BBA and syringes

Use a standard plastic syringe body (30ml works nice) that you can buy at
the pharmacy. A big bore needle gives more control but isn't necessary. Use
grocery store hydrogen peroxide as is, it's 3% in solution. Place the tip of
the syringe in the BBA and squirt out some of the hydrogen peroxide, moving
the tip slowly through the BBA to get thorough coverage. It doesn't take
much but you really can't overdose anyway, IMO. After a while the BBA will
begin bubbling. If it doesn't then you didn't use enough. Within a day or so
the BBA will turn red, an indication that it isn't happy. Dose again if you
are feeling particularly vengeful. Follow Tom Barr's advice on tank
maintenance and the BBA will recede to barely noticeable growth. It will
always be in there, it's just a matter of beating it back and then keeping
the tank in good condition. When I start to notice it coming back, it's
always a sign of neglect or imbalance of some parameter. Usually the CO2
tank has run empty and I haven't noticed.