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Black Brush algea

Hello Folks:
   I have been battling BBA for over 1.5 yrs now.  I
don't sse how I can win this battle.  It always
attacks the slow growing plants.  My anubius, Crypt
parva, java ferns, hair grass and now a fear for some
Pellia I am pampering along.  
    I tried making friends with BBA but it is a
tyrant.  You can't contain it.  It looked beautiful on
a large peice of wood and my botia loved cuddling into
it.  The stuff was 3/4 of an inch long carpet.  Now I
have no wood in the tank and treated both wood and
rocks in a chlorine bath.  But even after months the
BBA is still a nuisance. 
     I have a 40 gal. breeder with: 
     I use DIY CO2 inserted at filter intake
     pH of 6.5
     dgH at about 8
     Temp of 78
     Use traces
     The tank is loaded with plants, good water flow
to maintain uniform temp and 100 watts of light. Baby
Rams, cardinal tetras, a few corys, and one cranky
discus.  I have tried blacking out the tanks for 3
days but it only gives the BBA a rest.  I am tired of
cutting tweezing, scraping, pruning and chlorinating
away the Black Beast Algea!
     I don't have trouble with other forms of algea. 
I would prefer the green algea accumulate on the wood
but can't seem to get that to happen.  So can someone
put into more plain English what Tom Barr is saying in
his latest posts about algea and O2 and CO2.  Any
other insights might be of help. 
Thanks, Diana

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