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Re: Black Brush algea

Try getting rid of all organic dead stuff in the tank. That includes the
wood, that you said was gone:

"Now I have no wood in the tank and treated both wood and rocks in a
chlorine bath."

But then you said:

"I would prefer the green algea accumulate on the wood but can't seem to get
that to happen."

Get phosphates to a barely registrable level on a cheap test kit, like

If you are using anything like Discus Buffer in the tank, don't. Those
buffers are phosphate based and cause BBA to prosper. Better yet, don't
do -anything- to your tapwater before adding it to the tank, as long as the
addition is 20% or less of tank volume. Then adjust CO2 to get to around
20-30 ppm. Grow plants and keep fish that will prosper in the resulting
water. Use hydrogen peroxide in a syringe to kill the BBA in the meantime
(it takes a day or so for it to react).