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Hello Folks, I am new to this list and I have been unable to post
my question with any success so I am trying again. I recently set up a 75
gallon planted tank. All of the plants and fish came from my 29 gallon as
did half of my lighting. I am using dual 175 watt metal halide pendants
along with pressurized CO2 and I am dosing with PMDD. The substrate is 50/50
Flourite/Onyx Sand.
Having 175 watts on a 29 gallon was a challange, but now having 350 watts on
75 gallons seems to be more of a challange to me. On the second day I
noticed some hair algae (oedogonium) growing on my grasses and the following
day I forgot to dose with PMDD and the hair algae got out of control. It
covered everyting. Since then I continued dosing with my PMDD and some extra
nitrate and the hair algae seems to be "paused" while the plants are
growing. Is there something else I could be doing to help the plants out
compete the algae?