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Re: OFF Topic - PETA

> Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 23:25:49 -0500
> From: "Scotty" <scottyflag at enter_net>
> Subject: OFF Topic - PETA
> The following is a post I put on another fish list that got into the
> discussion of PETA. Usually I don't discuss PETA because  most of the 
> time
> it develops into an argument that has no end...But this has angered me
> enough to post it here and on some other lists.
> "I have never been a friend of PETA. I have understood for years that 
> their
> aim is to extinguish the pet industry, i.e. no humans shall keep any 
> animals
> for pets. I haven't talked about it on line for quite a while but this
> morning I stumbled across something that PETA is promoting that to me 
> is
> absolutely sickening. This is probably the most disgusting display of
> playing to emotions that I have ever seen. It hasn't hit the national 
> media
> yet but it will. Check out this web site:
> http://www.Masskilling.com
> After you get over this page click on "view display" at the top."
> If this disgusts you as much as it does me, e mail everyone you know,
> especially anyone you know in congress and/or the news media.
> Scotty

I think rather than forwarding this to someone in congress (they are 
after all just exercising their free speech, even if it is tasteless), 
or the media (reporters are well aware that PETA has never shown a 
modicum of restraint in delivering their message), and everyone else, 
we are far better off ignoring them, rather than spreading around their 
sensationalist tripe.  Via this page, or their many other stunts it is 
clear PETA does their sensationalist things to try to get attention, if 
they get attention it just validates the strategy.  We are all better 
of paying attention to things that matter, and let them remain among 
the lunatics screaming into a vacuum.

 > This is probably the most disgusting display of playing to emotions 
that I have ever seen.

You are quite fortunate, then.  It would not take long to dredge up 
literally thousands of pages of offensive garbage posted by fringe 
political groups of various persuasions that would make your skin 
crawl. PETA is nothing special, and this page shows comparative 
subtlety and restraint compared to other things I have had the 
misfortune of Googling across.

Steven Bach