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Those darn red plants (attempt #2)

I posted this a few days back, but it looks like it never made it onto 
the list so I'm giving it another shot.

Basically, I've got a set of unknown red plants that I'm having a hard 
time keeping up.  All the other plants (all green) in my tank are doing 
very well, but the poor red guys are looking pretty sad.  Here's a pic:

Other pics can be seen at:

You can see that the leaves are in pretty bad shape, and I'm getting 
extensive root growth out of the stems.  (The root-out-of-stems problem 
actually has always plauged all my plants.  I've never figured it out.)  
I'm wondering if these plants perhaps just don't transplant well, so 
they are going through a period of shock since planting them in my 
tank.  They came from my LFS where they were doing okay.  They have 
actually grown quite a bit taller since I planted them  (they were maybe 
1/3 the height they are now), but otherwise they aren't doing good at 
all.  Can someone perhaps ID these red plants for me, and let me know 
what I might do to help them out?  Here are my tank parameters:

  55 gallon
  2 x 96w power compact (6700K)
  Seachem Onyx substrate (100%)
  CO2 injection
  Seachem Flourish - 4 mL per week
  Root Tabs with Iron - first time using them

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Unfortunately I don't have any 
water parameter tests as far as nutrients.  Just the basics like pH, KH, 
etc, which are all looking good.