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Neritina reclivata - Marble Snail

So last night I needed to finish off a roll of film so I decided to shoot
these Olive Nerites.  Sounds like they're native to Florida so I was
surprised that TB didn't have something to say about them from his
collecting trips.  When I put the 1:1 macro on them I was really amazed at
all of the little black scroll lines on the shell.  On the outside of the
shell is a #9.  (a Beetle's snail??).  Looks like I have some pretty decent
shots of them.  Anyone interested in putting these up on their website
please give me a holler (off list) and I'll send you a scan.  During the
photography session this snail did burrow into my gravel.  I'm not sure if
that's normal behavior or just the response to the bright lights or the
little gudgeons that kept bothering him/her.  It really did look like he was
eating hair algae so here's hoping.


Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com