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VERY cloudy water

I set up my current hi-tech 75-gallon tank on February 1st. (18 days ago) A
week ago, it suffered from an attack of some sort of bloom. The water is
VERY CLOUDY. You can see pictures here...


The local Chicago Group has suggested I either have a bacterial bloom or an
algae bloom. They have looked at the pictures, and one of them said, "Holy
crap. I've never seen a bacterial bloom THAT cloudy!!"

One guy has said that he had a similar problem and used a UV filter to clear
it up. Has anyone else had this problem? I would prefer not to buy an
expensive UV filter for just one application.

Tank stats:
watts: 192 (strip lights) 10 hours per day
gallons: 75
PH: 6.7 - 7.0
CO2: Canister
Substrate: Flourite

Week 1: I had ONLY plants and maybe 2 shrimp. With CO2 addition, I had
Week 2: I noticed no pearling, so I dosed some potassium sulfate, flourish,
and postassium nitrate. Then I discovered that I still didn't have my PH to
6.6 (my test kits sucked) so I upped the PH, and pearling began. It seems
possible that I overdosed the nutrients, seeing as the tank wasn't very
established and the CO2 wasn't high enough to lower the PH. I added about 25
Week 3: cloudy water. I did a water change as soon as the cloudy water
appeared, and nothing happened. I added 30 rasboras.

I've done two water changes total since the attack. What is the consensus?
What could I have done to avoid this problem, and how do I get rid of it