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VERY cloudy water


Looks like it could be an algae bloom. I've battled GW before and my cloudy
water was greener than yours appears to be. Could be the lighting difference
that makes your water look whiter. I did numerous water changes and backed
way off on the nutrients and it still came back. I borrowed a UV sterilizer
from a person who uses it in his maple syrup boiling. Cleared the water up
within a couple days. I even tried the daphnia technique, by placing 300-500
daphnia in a breeding net, but all I ended up with was a bunch of fat happy
snails! With what I know about planted tanks now, I would try to eliminate
it through water changes and nutrient control. In your email you mentioned
upping your Ph. Was that a typo and did you mean you upped the co2 level?
You weren't adding Ph up or Ph down were you? Tsk tsk

I also tried a diatom filter which didn't do anything. Check some of your
local fish shops, some may rent UV sterilizers.