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Re: can anyone help me see the light and CO2 dumps that weren't

Thanks for the suggestions Bill, I can always depend on you for my
electrical questions!  You had some great suggestions as always.

After trying some rather interesting methods to get the fuse out, I called
Icecap.  The technician said it sounded like my fuse had been the victim of
a short or something and might be fused to something.  That seems strange
since I could turn the fuse and push it in or pull it out to a point. It
didn't spring out when I pushed it in, it just went in and stayed there till
I pulled it back close to the hole with the holder. Something was definitely
preventing it from coming out though.

The paper clip idea was great and I had a good hold on it but it wouldn't

I overnighted it to Icecap and he promised to get it back fast.

Thanks for the help!

As a side note, after 24 hours with no lights, my tank "looked" like it had
experienced a CO2 dump.  Fish were all gasping at the surface.  I found one
dead cardinal and an Amano shrimp (it is dark so I hope that is it).  My CO2
canister was still fairly full, the pH controller indicated 6.6 and was
pumping CO2 (it kicks off at 6.5-6.6), Lamotte backed up the pH with a 6.7
reading, the GH and KH were both 4 (where they always are).  I unplugged the
CO2 solenoid, grabbed some old fluorescents and a mighty mite power compact
and put them on the tank.  To aerate, I put two lines from a big air pump in
and finished it off with a powerhead moving the surface (be careful moving
one that close to the surface unless you want your entire foyer drenched!).
After a little while, fish slowly started swimming and acting normal again.
I turned the powerhead and air pump off yesterday afternoon and plugged in
the CO2.  Everything was fine this morning. Is it possible that the oxygen
levels had just bottomed out with no lights for 24 hours?  The tank runs
around 82 so there is going to less dissolved oxygen but I would have never
believed this.  I know plants give off CO2 and take up oxygen in the dark
but this seems extreme.