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Re: algae

> The CO2 reactor (a DIY thats made of a small bottle of water, cut in half,
> and the bottom half is upside down witht he CO2 line going into it.  The
> 'bell' fills with CO2, but I wonder how much CO2 is being used in the tank,
> because its never empty, always at least 1/4 a way full.

These tend to be good for about a 10 or 20 gallon tank only.
See www.thekrib.com for a some better ideas. An active pump/powerhead driven
system is the only way you are going to get decent CO2 using DIY.
>> So we add inorganic KNO3.
> Hate to sound so much like a newbie, I've been in the industry for 5 years
> (tho away for the last 6 lol)  but what is KNO3?  Where do I get it?

Stump remover which is mainly potassium(K) nitrate(NO3). Both nutrients need
it large supply by plants.

> Today I ordered some SAE, amano shrimp (hope they're bigger then the ghosts
> I got that got eaten), a new CO2 reactor, bubble counter (both aqua medic
> from customaquatic) and the full line of Seachem.  It seems as the balance
> of nutrience was figured out, Seachem is a realiable enough company to
> properly balance them.  The few reviews I read of thier line sounded pretty
> solid.  SO ordered 500ml of each, hope it works ok.  I plan to let the tank
> sit fertiziler free for this week before it comes in.

Sounds good.
>> You can do weekly water changes and add KNO3 and I'd certainly add K2SO4,
>> races and perhaps PO4. Get some KNO3, K2SO4, KH2PO4 and plan on a gas CO2
>> later, maybe a different substrate.
> What are the best sources othe above?  It doesn't matter I guess since I
> just bought all the Seachem, hope for the best :)
> As for the substrate, I have added about 40lbs of flourite since, and used
> the seachem sticks once in the inert.

I'd buy some KNO3, K2SO4, KH2PO4 all from www.litemanu.com.
It's cheap.
> Tom you seem to know a lot, I love reading your posts.   I'll take your
> advice :)  The gas CO2 is in the works, but will be awhile before I can
> afford it.  Do you have a prefered choice of reactor?

Well, I am bias. I make and occasionally sell my own.
Tom Barr
> Thanks again!!
> Mark