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Re: Too much light? + PCF lighting choice

I think Tom clearly answered the "amount" of light issue in his last post. I
too remember when 1.5WPG were the norm. I'm one of those people who also
upgraded to CFs and although the plants do grow faster with more WPG, I do
have to watch the nutrients and CO2 which I'm still fighting with a little
to keep the algae to acceptable levels. I don't know when too much is too
much, I guess when you start burning leaves you might want to stop adding
more lights. The hood you are looking at would give you 3.5wpg which I think
would definetly require a CO2 system as well. As far as the bulbs to use, I
would avoid the actinic (blue) bulbs as they didn't work for me when I
purchased my hood. I now use a mixture of 10000K and 65000K and can't
complain. I think anything over 10000K might not be a good idea.

There are also other choices out there, if I were you I would find someone
that will sell you the fixture with the bulbs you need, otherwise there goes
another $100 to change them. Here's a popular supplier

Good luck

Giancarlo Podio

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I am stepping up to the power compact fluorescents, but was wondering if
there is such a thing as too much light?  I have a 55 gal tall, and the 36"
fixture is the exact length of my tank, but it has two 96w bulbs in it.  I
thought the 2watts/gal ratio was best, but the aquarium store (Natural Life,
in Sunnyvale, CA) tells me there is no such thing as too much light.  Is
this true?

Also, is the AquaLight (made by Corallife) brand a good choice?  The 36"
fixture comes with one white and one blue bulb, all for about $200 (ouch!).
Would these bulbs be okay for a planted tank?  (I believe the setup is
geared for coral)  What would be ideal bulb choice?

Thanks! :-)

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