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Too much light? + PCF lighting choice

I am stepping up to the power compact fluorescents, but was wondering if
there is such a thing as too much light?  I have a 55 gal tall, and the 36"
fixture is the exact length of my tank, but it has two 96w bulbs in it.  I
thought the 2watts/gal ratio was best, but the aquarium store (Natural Life,
in Sunnyvale, CA) tells me there is no such thing as too much light.  Is
this true?

Also, is the AquaLight (made by Corallife) brand a good choice?  The 36"
fixture comes with one white and one blue bulb, all for about $200 (ouch!).
Would these bulbs be okay for a planted tank?  (I believe the setup is
geared for coral)  What would be ideal bulb choice?

Thanks! :-)

Over and out.... ... ..  .    .