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Re: shoelace sag

>>.I picked up a plant today by the name shoelace sag.  As anyone ever heard
it?  The tip of the new growth that was on the plant had an arrowhead shape.
The larger leaves do not feel flat like subulata, it feels and looks
slightly round or cone shaped.  I should be able to post a picture in the

It is a sag. coming from Florida Aquatic Nurseries, and nobody knows the
true specie name... not even FAN knows. Its rumored to be a wild plant in
Florida, but who knows! Its leaf shape looks like a shoe lace...kinda flat
and sometimes kinda round. It grows straight up and reaches a height of
about 10 to 15". I can tell you like most Sag., it grows like a weed! Seems
very undemanding. Moderate to bright light. I have a ton of it if anyone
wants it, and AZ gardens usually has it as well.

Robert Paul Hudson