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Re: Looking for filter -- Echoes of Quality

kristiananderson at att_net asked:
> I'm looking for a good filter for a 29g tank.  Is the
> Eheim 2231 a good choice?

Certainly a fine size to use.

The 2231 is part of what I call Eheim's "economy" line of
canister filters  -- Eheim calls it the ECCO line.  I
believe the line is Eheim's attempt to recapture the part
of the market that is buying less expensive filters (than
most Eheims) from Hagen, Marineland, and Rena.  The Ecco
line is much less expensive than, for example, the
Professional II line.  The Pro II line is the only other
Eheim line with built in priming mechanisms.  Even with its
economy models, Eheim quality is hard to beat  -- you
should expect them to last for many years.  But they are
also sometimes hard to afford.

You should consider a Rena filstar for less money.  A very
good value for a very good filter.  You could use the
savings to buy more plants.  Want more expensive, consider
a 2226.  Want deluxe?  Consider a wet/dry/sump set up --
trickier to get set up just right to start with but more
convenient in the long run.

Shop online for a good price.  You ought to be able to find
about a 40% discount off of the conventional "retail"
price.  For some vendors, you can report the price of
another vendor and they will match or beat the price.  But
don't forget to be loyal to especially good vendors.

Scott H.

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