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Re: Best fluorescent tubes? / ahsupply.com

On 2/4/03 2:31 AM, "Aquatic Plants Digest" <Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com>

> Date: Mon, 03 Feb 2003 17:01:22 -0500
> From: "Bill Wichers" <billw at waveform_net>
> Subject: Re: Best fluorescent tubes? (2x20 watt PlenPlax)
>> I just installed two standard PlenPlax 20 watt ($13.99 US) bulbs into my
>> newly set up 55 gal tall planted tank (they claim accelerated plant growth
>> with no algae stimulation!)  Running them about 16 hours a day.
>> Is this an okay amount of lighting?  And and okay brand/type?
> 16 hours is a bit long of a light cycle. Remember that aquarium plants are
> generally expecting tropical or sub-tropical lighting conditions, which
> tends to be about 12-14 hours per day.
> You don't mention specifically what kind of bulb you're using so it is
> difficult to comment on it, although I can assure you that it WILL grow
> algae just about as well as it will grow your plants. I think 40 watts over
> a 55 gallon tank is running pretty low. I use 55 watts of PCF lighting over
> a 20H tank, and would suspect that two such fixtures would be about the
> minimum you'd want over a 55 gallon tank to ensure good plant growth.
> I suspect that you are using the standard hood that can be purchased for a
> 55 gallon tank. Few such hoods are capable of running suffcient lights for a
> planted tank. You can find a few (like All Glass's new Power Compact
> Flourescent (PCF) hoods), but usually people either build their own custom
> hoods or retrofit commercial hoods using kits like those sold by AH Supply
> (http://www.ahsupply.com).

I looked at the brand of the bulb and they are 20 watt Plen Plax

When looking at http://www.ahsupply.com, I notice the bulb lengths are not
in the standard 24", 36", etc.  I take it 21.1" = 24"?  And 34.1" = 36"?
Kind of confusing.  My bulbs were sold as 24".  So I am assuming I cannot
use these bulbs in my standard ballast?  I guess I need to buy their "bright
light kit" to use them, but apparently you have to install said kit onto a
pre-existing hood/ballast (they don't come in one).  Hmm...  The plot
Looks like I am getting myself into all new territory in regards to
lighting.  I was assuming it would be as easy as finding the correct bulbs
for my pre-existing hood.  Is that still an option?  Higher powered bulbs
for a standard aquarium hood?  Or do I have to start completely from
scratch?  My hood's not in the best condition, but it WORKS, and I was just
hoping to not have to get into another $150+ adventure (like I just did w/my

Any advice on this lighting madness would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks!  :-)

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