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Re: PO4 and iron

>I just tried adding to 500ml of DI water, 5mls of Flourish, 1/8th teaspoon
>of KH2PO4 and got nothing, no precipitate.
>So I tried the tap water in case the mix reacts with the KH/GH, again
>nothing. So I tried it Plantex trace mix , again same result.

That's weird. The PO4-precipitation is actually used to
clean lakes:
and it's easy to find more pages with google that explains
the chemistry behind it.
So I don't understand how you can't get any precipitation.


If it's my tapwater that makes dosing traces and PO4 
together impossible it would be nice to figure out why.

I have GH 6-8 and KH 2-3.

// Daniel.