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Re: red plants

> I was wondering if this message:
> http://fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants/month.200201/msg00394.html
> pretty much sums up the most recent knowledge on how to get red plants
> display their red color?
> It was hard to find any consistency in posts regarding getting really red
> colors in red plants.
> Is it true that red plants that have all nutrients available and is growing
> very well actually turns green and this is a sign of good health, and to
> get really red color you have to limit either P or N?

Some do, some don't, it's difficult to make a broad statement here. Pick a
specific plant to talk about.
> // Daniel Larsson,

In _GENERAL_, lower NO3 will produce more intense reds with good PO4,K, CO2,
lighting, traces, substrate.
Adding KNO3 to 10ppm or higher etc can turn many red plants green.
N stressed plants grow slower, redder generally. I'd stick with the 5-10ppm
and be careful running it lower than that. Bottoming out the NO3 can be
problematic and create many issues. I've gotten good at it without killing
or harming plants. But.........some folks will not be so lucky.
Tom Barr