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Hydrogen Peroxide

I forgot write how much hydrogen peroxide I used to treat BGA - I used 3 ml
30% hydrogen peroxide for 200 l aquarium 2x a day during 5 days. Today is it
fifth day and I don't see any BGA in my  aquarium.  I would like know yours
experiece with application hydrogen peroxide for any kind algae. 

I have 2 month older aquarium and I have problem with red algae too. I read
many guides how tread red algae, but I don't know, what I do wrong. I have
200 l aquarium, 60 W fluorescent light Osram Lumilux 840, external filter
Eheim  with Ehfimech and Ehfisubstrat, I dose CO2 1 buble per second, now I
change water 15 liter once a week and I have 20 fish - all are small tetras
+ 10 otocinklus + 3 SEA..

Thank you for any advice.