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RE: hydrogen peroxide

I have successfully used 3% hydrogen peroxide to treat BGA in the past. I 
"spot treat" the visible BGA. A day or two of treatment yields an aquarium 
that stays free of BGA until I get lazy with my fertilizer regimen.

You must be careful not to overdose. You appear to be well below what I 
have found to be a problematic level. I have dosed up to 1 ml per liter in 
the past with no observable adverse effects. If you are having success at 
lower levels, I would suggest you use that dose.

Good luck.

> What you think about use hydrogen peroxide for blue-green algae
> (cyanobacteria)?
> My friend me has advised, that he successfully had destroyed blue-green
> algae with hydrogen peroxide during 5 days. He dosaged 2 x 3 ml hydrogen
> peroxide a day for aquarium 200 l.
> Now, I try it. After 3 days looks like very good. Before that, than I 
> h. peroxide, has been  java moss after 3 days completly cover blue-green
> net.