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Re: Loyalty vs being robbed

Tom Barr said:
> You can work together with the LFS so that both benefit(win<=>win).
> If you buy from a big chain, they win, you give them profit.
> I think you are getting robbed when you could be patronizing the LFS and
> selling/trading/getting product and livestock at a better deal. The health
> of the livestock and brand choices are also better in most cases. At least
> they give back by trading/buying the plants. Of course you sell the plants
> at Society auctions, on line , friends etc but those folks get tied of
> plants month after month. It also gives you a chance to talk
> with/teach/learn from each other unlike the checkout counter at PetyourPet
> mega store. Lack of understanding in CO2 and plant tanks at the local
> is extremely common here and elsewhere.
> If the LFS won't take the plants for trade cash etc then go elsewhere. But
> most LFSs will work a deal with you.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr

The reverse is true here. The local Superpet will trade plants for credit or
buy them outright. The 2 LFS' , one won't trade/buy at all and the other
will try to just have you leave them there for free or give you $0.50 per
plant. The Superpet will usually give about $1-2 per plant.