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Loyalty vs being robbed

Here's a thought.  I live in Houston and I've been to several aquarium 
stores in the area.  "Village Tropics" is one store that carries more of the 
products talked about on this forum, but they're a bit pricey.  I've been to 
several other stores, maybe they don't carry all the things we talk about, 
but they're a lot cheaper.   As a consumer, should I demand lower prices out 
of Village Tropics?  Should I be a loyal customer that supports Village 
Tropics even though I can get the same product for cheaper elsewhere?  
Should I not worry about it and just buy things wherever I find the cheapest 
price?  I understand that maybe Village Tropics has to have higher prices 
because they stock products/fauna/flora that you can't find anywhere else in 
the Houston area.  But should I allow myself to be robbed like that?  I 
guess what I'm trying to say is do all of ya'll support a particular fish 
store no matter what, or do you shop wherever you see fit?

i can see everyone laughing at the ya'll.

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