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Re:Tank safe paint

    I generally try to hide my plumbing with plants (...that really didn't
come out quite right...), but I have thought of "camoflaging" the white
cpvc plumbing in my tanks with lengths of the appropriate diameter green
Eheim hose, slit down one side and "clipped over" the pipe, with the cut
facing the back of the tank. I'm guessing that no clamps would be needed to
keep it in place, and that the hose would "grip" the pipe. It might need to
be removed now and then to clean algae growing between the pipe and hose, or
this might just lend to the "camo" effect.

    Big Als sells the stuff by the foot in the local stores, and I would
guess online as well.

Searching for my fig leaf,

Ron Barter
Perth, Ontario