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Re: KH2PO4

> Sorry to pick on someone who makes fewer TPPs (typos per post) than me
> (who doesn't?) but just to be clear, KH2PO4 is fungicidal or
> anti-fungicidal.
> Scott H

Not sure what's worse...the question or the mistake itself. What do _you_
think the correct answer is?:-) and where's your question mark at the end of
dat sintanz? Would that make things clear? What about the color of water in
a bucket? 

............but just to be sure I think we should test it, perhaps with a
Lamott test kit.

You show up at the AGA meeting in Houston in Nov 8-10th and we can test
which it is. I'll supply some flesh eating tropical fungus, Muertotalium
amputatus, and put it on your thumb and add the KH2PO4. If you lose the
thumb, it's anti fungicidal, if you only lose your thumb nail, it's
fungicidal. Don't worry, if you truly have a green thumb it's sprout new
growth from the old stumps...........

Maybe I'll send you some KH2PO4 so you find out before an embarrassing thumb
loss does occur:-)

Tom Barr