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sacred cows

Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 08:00:53 -0500
From: "Tom Wood" <tomwood2 at flash_net>
Subject: Sacred Cows

James choked his cud and blurted:

"What are you going to do next, sue us???????"

I dunno, what do you have?

I'm starting to feel like I've wandered onto the set of a cult horror movie.
What's with all the "us" statements? And did I miss the meeting where the
secret handshake was demonstrated? If I see a pattern of herd behavior that
flies in the face of experience, I'll comment. Feel free to ignore my posts.
So far I've pissed off the gomberg cult and the Lamotte cult. What's next?
The Amanos, the Tropicas and the Eheims? Where's Hiro Protagonist when you
need him...

The Lone Wolf


(You may now return to the regularly scheduled discussion of algae
scrapers.)  Zzzzzzz.....

Sacred cows are so numerous I'm not sure how many there are. My favorite is 
everyone's obsession with algae control. Algae control is an oxymoron. If you 
have an aquarium and you have light you will have algae. I even take a swipe 
at the need for filtration. Give me an airstone and plenty of light, why 
filter the water? Does your local pond have a filter? A few clams maybe, 
freshwater sponges, and a bryozoan or two. I use clams in my sand bed, as 
many different animals as I can to eat algae, partial water changes (sorry to 
mention something as obscene as work associated with an aquarium), and 
vigorous growing plants. If possible emergent plants are probably the best 
way to limit the amount of algae in an aquarium, cattails are great for this. 
Those are the basics, no need for that $15,000 test kit either or the $200 a 
pound clay from Africa and please don't buy that filter that takes a 
doctorate in engineering to operate. Just don't try to set up a 10 gallon 
tank with five hundred fish over night. Take your time, do water changes, 
limit the number of fish, use regular sand, and be patient. Don't add a 50lb 
bag of chemicals every time a fish dies or a plant turns yellow. And probably 
the most important thing of all, feed quality food sparingly. Live food is 
best, fresh frozen is next, a quality flake or tiny pellet fed sparingly is a 
distant third but still good. Just because your fish beg don't mean they are 
hungry. And last but not least if it sounds too good to be true it probably 
is! OK, I'm done, I'll go back to lurking. BTW you're not alone Wolf but 
there's not many of us, if there were think of all the money that would be 
lost to the cults of personality!


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