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Sacred Cows

James choked his cud and blurted:

"What are you going to do next, sue us???????"

I dunno, what do you have?

I'm starting to feel like I've wandered onto the set of a cult horror movie.
What's with all the "us" statements? And did I miss the meeting where the
secret handshake was demonstrated? If I see a pattern of herd behavior that
flies in the face of experience, I'll comment. Feel free to ignore my posts.
So far I've pissed off the gomberg cult and the Lamotte cult. What's next?
The Amanos, the Tropicas and the Eheims? Where's Hiro Protagonist when you
need him...

The Lone Wolf


(You may now return to the regularly scheduled discussion of algae
scrapers.)  Zzzzzzz.....