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Wireing (amateur)

Decided to up my lighting from 4 to 8 pcs 36 w tubes on my 540 Litres tank. Since I'm a bit of amateur on wiering I thought it best to ask before wiering myself.
Beeing the amateur I am, I decided on buying 8 ready made fixtures. They are naked (no reflectors or casing and such fancy stuff), just a metal bar on which everything is mounted from start.
I have to connect 3 wires (Neutral, Ground and Live) to a socket on each of the fixtures.

Problem is that there are 8 fixtures and I don't know which is best; Connecting in parallel or in serie?
Which will put the least load ( at the starting moment) on the electrical wiering in the house and on the timer?
I presume that there is a bigger load while the lighting is starting than when they are all lit.

By the way, if someone can describe how to pull the wires between the pluggs when connecting in serie or parallel, would help me much.

Best regards