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Re: Lamotte vs AP

I disagree with Tom Wood about the nitrate kit.  I had
the AP one and could barely tell between 5 and 15. 
Maybe some people have better eyes for comparison than
mine, but it was a bit of a pain to read the thing. 
The Lamotte is MUCH easier to use for me.  Matching to
actual water samples beats a paper card any day (IMO).
 Isn't the Lamotte good for 50 tests?  The lamotte kit
made coming up with a dosing schedule a lot easier.   

As far as GH and KH kits go, the AP are just as good. 
It's hard to go wrong with titration.  

Seachem makes a good phosphate kit but their nitrate
one was also difficult for me to read (and read low). 


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