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Re: RO

> From: Jrquicker at aol_com
> Subject: Give me some brand names
> I want to get a R.O. system for the 75 gal tank that I am setting up, but I
> am very confused as what to buy. I've read all the adds in the fish catalogs,
> and became more confused as to what there adds said. Can any-one give me some
> good advice on which might be the best one to get. Thank You--------Jack

My basic first question is why do you need it? For the plants?
CO2 would be the thing to get for growing plants, not an RO. Unless you plan
on using it for drinking water etc.
I have an old Spectrapure with a DI added 24GPD, I use 2 carbon filter
instead of a mechanical and a carbon and change one these every 3 months or
so. Most brands are pretty much the same IMO.
But don't get one for the plants, they care the about CO2, not if the water
is "hard" or "soft". Some fish can be induced to breed by adding RO water. I
fine that feeding in more of an inducement. My water is a KH of 8 and a GH
of 24. Plants and wild soft water fish do great.
Tom Barr