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Back after a very long time

Hi everybody!

I wonder if anyone remembers me, it's been so many years... From what I
recall I've been an active member of the list around 7 years ago, still
from my Fidonet address (remember the guy with an ugly ASCII-art pl*co in
the sig - that's me 8]).

I must admit that throughout those years I've drifted away from aquatic
plant subjects and became more and more interested in pure
sand-and-driftwood tanks with those ugly-faced but sweet eartheaters.
Therefore I've been much more active in other lists, especially those
devoted to SA cichlids. But as we all change and develop, currently I'm
thinking of something new and for example a planted tank with killis has
been on my mind for a very long time. Also I've been enchanted by the idea
of aqua-terrariums where sumberged and emmersive plants are kept together.
But I'll probably be able to do something major in this direction in 2-3
years time, when I'm planning to move outside of the city and build my own
house with a large fishroom that would accomodate all the needs of an
aquariomaniac (I've currently got 8 tanks of 1200 liters total in my 2-room
apartment... I've only had 2 of 300 liters in total, when I was on this
list before...).

However, I'm back not without a reason. For all these years I've also
became a bit professionally attached to the hobby, as I work in an aquarium
magazine in Poland and I've just released a book on general
fish-maintenance and health issues. And the main reason why I'm writing is
because I'm searching for people who'd be willing to co-operate with our
magazine. By this I mean: submit articles for translation or sumbit photos
for publishing (I'm especially looking for the photos of planted tanks -
currently desperately seeking some that are designed in Dutch style or
something similar). If anyone'd be interested, please contact me via my
private mail (in my sig) or write to t.nidecki at ifp_pl (my work address).
Neil Frank, Erik Leung and Liisa Sarakontu already worked with our magazine
(submitted articles for translation and their photos). Ah, of course this
is not work for free (however we're having a hard time with our "wonderful"
banking system which makes it a hell of a lot of trouble to send money
abroad). Also, if anyone has any form of contact with Takashi Amano
(preferably a phone number...) I'd greatly appreciate it! I've been trying
to find one to contact him directly for a couple of months with no

I sincerely hope nobody finds my question abusive to the non-commercial
policy of the list and my best greetings to all the people whom I remember
and who remember me from 7 years ago.

tomasz 'tonid' nidecki, zoliborz, warszawa, poland
mailto:tonid at tonid_net             http://endemic.org
http://mp3.com/tonid http://mp3.com/knownspace