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chowing down on Ludwigia arcuata

Hi ... a very naughty little fishie is devouring my lovely
Ludwigia arcuata leaves. The suspects are a Chinese
Algae Eater and 4 Flying Foxes. Has anyone else had
similar problems with these particular fish, and found
the culprit? I'd be leaning towards the Chinese Algae
Eater, except I've had her (and foxes) for a long time,
and never had a plant-eating problem before.
Hmmm ... maybe my tank is too algae-free?!

Any recommendations on what to feed Chinese
Algae Eaters? How fussy are they about food?

BTW, a long time ago, a Bristlenose Pleco devoured
a glorious Marble Queen I had just bought as a
centerpiece plant. I watched helplessly as he
systematically chomped his way through the plant
in about 5 days. If the darned plant hadn't been
so expensive, I would have found it quite amusing.

Maybe it's time to start threatening the brats with
"I'm getting plastic fish if you keep up this behavior!"

- shireen

Shireen Gonzaga
whimbrel at comcast_net