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Re: Adding traces beyond the recommened levels

Tom wrote

Try adding 20mls after a water change then 15mls there after maybe every 
3rdday. Keep up on the other things. If that goes well try 25mls if you want 
3xa week. Watch NO3 , CO2 and PO4 during this time. I don't think your 
plantswill no more traces but might need a tad more iron(try adding 7-8mls 
once aweek iron).

right now I add 5ml flourish, and 20ml iron after weekly 50% water change. I 
read somewhere, I think it was Karen Randall that said don't increase the 
dosage, but increase the frequency of dosing. So i've been adding 5ml 
flourish every day, sometimes 10-20ml iron every other day. I have no 
problems with algae except for some bluegreen because my nitrates were way 
too high- I"m guessing lack of traces. Everything is in line right now no3 
8.8 po4 .7 k 30  kh 4 ph 6.5-6.7 gh 6. I have what i consider a heavily 
planted high light tank with a light fish load- even though they are discus- 
only five in a 125 with some random small fish and an army of shrimp. I'm 
going to try your strategy with the traces tom, I was just scared of adding 
so much above the recommended dose(way above). Not because of algae, because 
of the critters and fish. I'm sure this is my problem because N isn't being 
used up and everything else is in line. By the way if I add 20ml Iron right 
now and test with lamotte kit, I will have around .2-.3 ppm, IF I test 
tomorrow, I will have 0! I can do this over and over again.

Jeff Vamos
cessnabum1 at aol_com