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Re: Adding traces beyond the recommened levels

> I know I'm low on traces, but I would like to know how much flourish to add
> to a 125
> with 4x96 ah supply, press. co2 tank. on my bottle of flourish it says to add
> 1-2 ml per 50gallons. a capful is 5ml. This amount of dosing is way beyond
> the 2-3x manufacturers recomendation. I'm not doubting you, I just would like
> to know how much to add?
> Jeff Vamos
> cessnabum1 at aol_com

Try adding 20mls after a water change then 15mls there after maybe every 3rd
day. Keep up on the other things. If that goes well try 25mls if you want 3x
a week. Watch NO3 , CO2 and PO4 during this time. I don't think your plants
will no more traces but might need a tad more iron(try adding 7-8mls once a
week iron).

Recommendations and what is the non trace limited amount for a fully plants,
CO2 high light tank are two very different things. I add about a 1:1 ratio
of volume of TMG and Flourish.
The flourish seems to need a tad more iron in it. You can add a spike of
iron only mid week also.
I'd recommend conservatively for non CO2 tanks but would recommend adding
more if the buyer has the CO2, fully planted tank. What the average person
has for a plant tank is low density, non CO2 etc. Adding too much trace
would help the algae the most.

If you have the rest right(NPK,CO2 lights,KH/GH) all that's left to fiddle
with is the traces. Add enough to where adding more has no positive effect
on the _plants_. 

Tom Barr