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Re: Rip Van Winkle wakes up and is blinded by the light

Maybe we have a few reefers that have crossed over to planted tanks. For the
sake of the planet, I hope so. It is also good for the planet to revisit the
watts per gallon rule in light of advances in technology. In particular, the
advances made in reflector design and lamp/ballast efficiency. I run a
single 96 watt PC over a 90 gallon for 11 hours, with a second 96 watt PC
coming on for the middle 4 hours of the photoperiod. So it's a mixed ratio
of watts/gallon. I grow swords and glosso just fine thankyouverymuch in a
24" deep tank. I think backing off on the watts throttle is a good thing.
Finding the LEAST amount of energy needed is the responsible approach.