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> So, although i am not favorable to the use of chemicals to treat problems in
> my tanks, but more prone to look for what the origin of the problem is, i
> did follow the advise of using "Myacin" to clear up the blue/green
> cyanobacteria. 4 days after treatment they were gone with no visible damage
> to anything else. I have been careful about the nitrite as the product kills
> the bacteria in the filter too.

It shouldn't.

> plants strated to grow again especially my java moss that was covered by
> the"algea".
> the problem started after i left my tank to the care of a friend for 15
> days: filters were clogged, lots of water missing, no water changes, a.s.o.
> so you were right about the reason why all that started (temperature
> increase was not the issue here), and yes i use flourite as substrate
> (someone noticed that this problem occures more often with tank set with
> flourite).

I've never noticed this. It grows fine in regular sand laterite tanks as
> Now i have another problem: since 3 weeks, plants are loosing leaves big
> time. the leaves start getting translucent and die.
> all my sagittaria are gone, my nomaphila is loosing lots of leaves.
> my guess is:
> 1) not enough nutrients

Yep. And maintenance.

> 2) increase of water temp (we have a heat wave)

Some perhaps.

> 3) i found a couple of red worms in the sand. they probably come from the
> blackworm i feed my fish with from time to time, although they were not
> looking like black worm. they were longer and red, more flat.

Very little I would think unless they all died off at once etc.
> what do you think?
> In case i need to feed the plants (which i never did: shame on me!) what
> product do you suggest for an already set tank?

check www.sfbaaps.com under "references".
Old article but the notions are the same.
Do water changes and add the nutrient back into the tank. Repeat weekly.

Blacking out the tank for 3days is extremely effective with this cyano/BGA
when combined with good nutrients for the plants and water changes.

Tom Barr
> Yvan Alleau