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Re: Auto top off devices

>> I'm not a fan of liquid dosers. I've used simple gravity feed evaporation
>> top off and level sensor-pump coupled devices.<<<
> ummmm...what?

For evaporation top off.
Spectrapure makes(made?) an electronic float valve that switches on a pump
in a separate reservoir. Tunze makes something they call an osmostat as
well. A number of other companies make similar devices.

Gravity feed auto top offs are very simple refill reservoirs that fill up
the aquaria as the dropping level allows air to enter the sealed reservoir.
When air enters, water is released filling the tank. Put your thumb over the
other end of the gravel vac, pull it above the surface of the water. It
holds the water above the surface level.
Now if you let the other end of the gravel tube get near the surface of the
tank's water and let a little bubble sneak out, that same bubble that
entered will be close the volume of water it displaced.
Check the web if you need more info on construction of diagrams or concept.
Search Top off devices for sumps etc.
Gravity feed simple float switches also are good for these types of

They are great for folks that vacation and need a way to refill the sumps so
they don't run dry.

Tom Barr