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Re: O2 diffuser catchment device

Thomas Barr said, in part: <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
> Subject: 
> One idea I had was making some sort of O2 catchment that delivered
> the O2
> via diffusion back into the aquaria at night. Most it does off gas it
> seems
> to me as a planted tank pearls intensely. . .

> A simple tube/balloon would collect and fill up outside the tank. A
> timer
> and a small pump would diffuse it back again or a memebrane/internal
> type.

But there's plenty of available O2 in the air (roughly 20%).  Would the
advantage to collecting pure O2 be that you could diffuse it through a
membrane at a higher rate than diffusion by contact with the air?  Or
that you could bubble it back into the water with less bubbles and less
CO2 loss?

Also, would a rubber/latex ballon be adequate?  They're rather leaky at
holding air.  Maybe mylar :-)

Scott H.  

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