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O2 diffuser catchment device

One idea I had was making some sort of O2 catchment that delivered the O2
via diffusion back into the aquaria at night. Most it does off gas it seems
to me as a planted tank pearls intensely.

I'm not sure if it would help the plants though. It would help the bacteria,
the critters, most likely hurt the algae. But high O2 would lower
photosynthesis somewhat in the plants during the day(but not at night except
with CAM plants). That seems to hurt the algae a great deal as they are not
use to photo respiration in normal conditions in nature but the plant are.
Not sure it'd look that aesthetically pleasing either. I suppose a smaller
one that collects just a smaller surface area of plant O2 production would
be okay. 
It would depend on the plant production underneath the catch funnel. Riccia
would work well as would pearl grass. A corner devoted to these could be set

A simple tube/balloon would collect and fill up outside the tank. A timer
and a small pump would diffuse it back again or a memebrane/internal type.

I wonder how much O2mg/O2/10-12hrs I could collect off a 4inch^2 patch of
pearl grass?

A separate plant filter or tank/sump would be a neat idea if one wanted to
take this further.
Not a bad idea for night time O2 supply.
Tom Barr