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Re: Shrimp Death

Hey gang,

Wayne Wah wrote:
>>Till date, I think almost 100 Yamato shrimps have
died in my hands. I cannot find a reason for their
death. Many batches die after I did very simple things
like changing water, increasing CO2 from 1 to 2 bubble
per second, increasing traces from 5ml to 7ml. Are
they really sensitive to changing water conditions. I
am really clueless.<<

Wayne, I find that high chloride levels will kill
shrimp. I've seen this in too many tanks aside from my
own. If you are dosing KCL, or not neutralizing the
chlorine in your tap water at water changes, then you
may have your answer there. 

Another way that I have seen shrimp go, and quickly,
is when I introduced some plants from an LFS that
contained some kind of medication. Maybe copper or

I put some R. wallichii in 2 seperate tanks and the
shrimp went *nuts* immediately. In 2 hours 24 shrimp
were dead. Lesson learned, there.

You called these critters by the name Yamato shrimp. I
assume that you are talking about Caridinia japonica.
I find these guys to be very hardy if you just pay
attention to Chloride levels. And don't let those reef
guys talk you into adding iodine to your water. You
have plenty if you're adding a commercial trace
fertilizer or if you are feeding with a commercially
prepared food.

Best of luck,
John Wheeler

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