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local plants

I recently tried to acquire some local plants from a small 
lake in Northern Michigan, but was unable to use them 
because of serious insect infestation.

The main plant I gathered was a floating plant with red
stalk and stems, and very fine green leaves (needle like,
like a pine tree)

The other plant was growing in the sandy bottom near
shore and was very small (1/2" max) tree like plant,
with lots of roots.

I took these plants home in a bucket and was sorting,
preparing them for their bleach dip.  I noticed LOTS
of little critters swimming around, as well as various 
clams and some zebra muscles.

I originally thought bleach was the end-all, kill-all 
kind of poison you didn't want to mess with, but I 
learned last weekend this is not the case.

I originally started with a 10 to 1 bleach dip, and
gave the plants a 6 min dip...  The plants looked ok,
and so did the insects!  Some of the clams fell off 
their plants, others looked ok.  So I rinsed the 
plants, and put them back under for a few more
min.  The plants were starting to loose their color
and become slimy, but the insects were doing fine.

Another dip killed all the plants (their color was all
gone, their cells were breaking down into mush)

But the insects were happily swimming around.

...I took the concentration up to 2 to 1, and it still
took nearly two hours for the insects to die.

Any ideas on how I can kill these bugs without 
killing the plants?  How about a fish-safe pesticide
or something?

Also, can anyone recommend a website that
would have pictures of freshwater pests, so I can
identify what these critters are?

Is it worth worrying about the larvae?  Maybe the 
fish will enjoy the tasty treat?   My fish are all
community type, mollies, platys, various tetra and
an angel.