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Re: P!

Rachel Sandage wrote:

> As most of you know I have been really struggling with my 72 gallon
> tank - all kinds of algae, from green dust to BGA to some icky brown
> stuff growing on all the fine-needled plants.
> [snip]
> I have also upped the amount of nitrogen going into the tank, but
> I have tried that before without these kinds of results. I really
> think it is the P which has turned the tide.
> Now I am going to start adding Fe again in the hopes that it will
> darken the green color of the plants.

Rachel, why don't you give us some exact parameters of your tank? I am
sure there is some expert on this list who would like to comment on what
you should adjust to rid your tank of algae. Let us know about
filtration you have, light, pH, kH, gH, Nitrates, CO2, and so on.

I have not been reading much on this list for a while due to time
constraints, so I hope that I am not suggesting going backwards into
someplace you have all been before. Forgive me if I am!

Ed Dumas