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Re: Anyone have a good source for purchasing Rainbow Fish online?

Catherine wrote:
I'm looking to add some interest to my 72-gallon
heavily planted,
predominately tetra tank, and I really like the looks
of Rainbow fish.
My LFS doesn't carry them and won't order them for me.
So, I'm on my
own. Anyone have any experience with Fish2u.com or
Also, anyone have any feedback about how well - or
badly - Rainbow fish
do in planted tanks?


I don't have any experience with either of these 2
companies but I know you can bid on some at
www.aquabid.com.  It is the ebay of fish goods.

I have 4 dwarf neon rainbows (M. praecox) in my 29gal
planted tank and there a wonderful, colorful fish. 
They seem to love the planted tank since they spawn
every month.  I now have 4 babies in the tank along
with the 3 females and 1 male.  You can find more info
on them at


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