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Rena pump info -- Once more into the Breach

Some time back it was noticed that Eheim gets extrordinary performance
from the pump in the 2x28 filters.  Although it's identical to the 2x26
pump but must pull the water through a taller stack of media, Eheim
rates it for a higher flow rate.  That looks like a breach of the laws
of physic.  Eheim says the difference is due to its under-rating the
flow rate on 2x26 filters.  That's more like a breach of trust.

So I was wondering about the Rena xP1, xP2, and xP3.  I've only seen
photos except for the xP1.  Does anyone know the wattage of the xP2
and/or the xP3?  Since there are different part numbers for the motors
and the rotors, I suspect that they are in fact different pumps with
different performance characteristics.

Otherwise the xP filter models each look to be the same except for the
height and the amount of media that the motor must pull the water
through.  Does anyone know if that statement is true?

Scott H.

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