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Re: Subject: Roots

> I saw this a while ago but never sent it off:

> > Higher plants have developed vascular systems which prefer to adsorb
> > roots.
> Has this been shown? I've found a little of both mainly iron and perhaps
> is the main two that seem to prefer to come from the substrate but water
> column dosing does help well for both. Roots take in both NO3/NH4. Leaves
> only take in NO3 from what I've read and the references I've come across
> thus far. Any plants take the NH4 via the leaves?
> Some references show uptake of water column vs the soil to be clearly
> opposite of this claim. I would substantiate this further by saying from
> own musings, water column uptake certainly shows remarkable growth for
> so inefficient:-)
> But a lean tank will have more rooty plants, a water column a more leafy
> plant. Roots are good for getting nutrients, but they also incur a cost to
> the plant, they require lots of O2 and lots of metabolic goodies. Which is
> better? Well that may be a bigger question. I feel a high water column
> uptake, high DO level, less rooty plant makes for a better plant able to
> produce more "food"(photosynthate) to allocate in growing leaves, runners
> and flowers. On one hand this is evens the playing field with algae but
> there are other issues besides the root advantage to a nutrient source.
> So do more questions:-)
> Thanks, just poking around in the dirt Don:-)
Well Tom, I didn't write that but only quoted it from George's site but if I
didn't put it out there then who would ever dispute it. What you say, as
always, makes a lot of sense to me! And thank you, Don M.