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Re: APD-V5 # 192

Tom Writes:

>Agar gel is a long proven and effective nutrient medium.  I cultured many a >
bacterium on it in college.   It would have several advantages over the usual 
>methods.  Can  anyone think of any drawbacks?  How would the gel behave >
over.time in a  submerged environment?

Hoping that I am not risking  a long debate on this subject, I  am aware that 
the microbiology textbooks indicate that agar itself has no nutrient value 
(there must be 
something there-but not much-my own long held opinion). I have used agar and 
gelatin both in the formulation of home brewed fish foods.  I was never 
satisfied with either due to a slippery glass surface area developing.  As a 
result, I attributed this to them and stopped my experimentation of such.

Elmer L. Morehouse

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