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Re: CO2 & denitrators - dumb question time...

Kevin Buckley wrote:
> The current issue of a U.K fish (& recently plants) mag. is 
> running a review of denitrators. 
> A common theme is that the various columns, in addition to 
> being low (free of?) Oxygen, need to have a "source of 
> Carbon". 
> I guess pumping CO2 gas in there directly & combining the 
> functions of dinitrator, CO2 reactor & "feeding" Carbon (in 
> the form of dissolved CO2/Carbonic Acid) to the denitrifying 
> bacteria isn't a possibility? 
> Regards, Kevin 

If you are referring to a denitrator for a planted tank, I don't think
it's necessary. I have to add nitrate to my tank to keep the levels up.
The plants eat it very fast as long as CO2, light, and micronutrients
are good. I even have to add phosphates.

Jerry Baker