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foreground lawn

I'm setting up a new tank (this time with plant friendly fish) and would
like to try again for a foreground "lawn" look.  I've previously had
trouble in my brackish tank with both dwarf hairgrass and lilaeonopsis,
which both collected detritus and algae but did not grow, before suddenly
dying, but this tank should be a friendlier place for plants, so maybe I
should be giving them a second chance.

Tank particulars:
29G with Eclipse  hood and biowheel filter (without the charcoal pad)
100% fluorite substrate
70W NO fluorescents on 10 hrs day, with 1 hr sunrise/sunset at 33W
Conditioned tapwater, pH approximately 7
CO2 injection
GH low
KH will be supported with crushed coral in part of the filter
Livestock to be 3-5 botia striata (zebra loaches) and Endler's livebearers
Seachem Flourish weekly

Which of these do you think might be happiest in my tank (or should I be
looking at something else instead)?:
echinodorus tenellus/pygmy chain sword
sagittaria subulatis/dwarf sagittaria
acicularis/dwarf hairgrass

I suspect that similar lighting in the brackish tank wasn't enough for the
lilaeonopsis and acicularis  (although it had a crushed coral substrate and
no CO2 injection).  I am leaning towards the E. tenellus, although it looks
like I'll have to get it by mailorder, as I've not seen it in my LFSs here
in St. Louis.
Any thoughts?

Diane Brown
brown_d at kids_wustl.edu